Production of italian coffee pods and capsules

We sell different products: compatible coffee capsule for Nespresso and compatible coffee pods for Lavazza point.
Among these products we offer 4 differents blends to meet the most demanding people and to offer a different choice of tastes.

Our  blends are:

The Classic Blend is a creamy mixture with a more astringent and intense background taste and it represents the strong taste of “Caffè Barone”.
Made with a mixture of Robusta quality, more dense and with a dark color, the mixture is suitable for those who love the lingering aroma of coffee and a strong taste.

The Arabic Blend  is a most valuable coffee mixture, for demanding palates.
Made up of a selection of 100% Arabica with intense and lively color with notes more aromatic and sweet, it tastes more round on the palate with a slight acidity but delicate taste.

The Intense Blend is the taste for excellent coffee Barone. A creamy blend of superior quality, amber color, sweet taste with hints of toasted hazelnuts. It’s fragrant coffee and instant perfect for the most demanding consumers and loved by connoisseurs of coffee.

The Decaffeinated Blend is a light mixture of superior quality but with strong character. It remembers the taste of the Classic Caffè Barone with a color from amber tones that recall the  excellence of expresso but without the caffeine.

Within these blends that we produce directly, we sell pods from other supplier (Borbone and Mendosa) and other kind of products like:

– Coffee beans / Bar line from 1 kg
– Coffee machines for coffee with pods or capsules
– Topping (dark and white chocolate with hazelnut base)
– Accessories such as plastic cup, sugar and plastic spoon

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